The Solution


An Overview

Containersinka is an innovative maintenance free safety device that sinks floating containers lost overboard as a result of storms or accident.

Despite much recent effort in improving training, systems and the onboard stowage of containers, losses at sea not only continue to be a regular event but a respected Industry body – The World Shipping Council – has recently increased, by almost 400%,  the estimated annual number of containers lost overboard annually.

The move for greater legal accountability in such incidents continues to gather pace. Corporate risk is increasing as Governments not only adopt agreements such as the Wreck Removal Convention 2011 (which comes into effect in April 2015) but are beginning to take unilateral action to force shippers to find and map (potentially recover) containers lost in their waters.

Increasing media coverage of floating debris in the world’s oceans, particularly following the search for the Malaysian Airlines plane this year, highlights the problem to an ever more informed public.

Containers lost overboard sink randomly if at all. During their time afloat they present a new risk of hull damage to other vessels, in extreme cases this can prove fatal.

Damage to semi-submerged containers from collision (regardless of that to the unfortunate vessel involved) and exposure to the elements often result in the widespread dispersal of contents, contaminants and non degradable materials into the marine environment.

Containersinka is designed for installation into the corrugation of standard design 20 or 40 TEU shipping containers during production or retro fit. Containersinka is passive and fully automatic. It has no moving parts, does not protrude into the cargo space or extend the external profile. Containersinka is ideally fitted in 4 positions –  diagonally opposing corners of the container – or, in the case of vented containers, the opposite corners of the base.

Under normal operating conditions the device provides extra airflow. This feature has the benefit of allowing Port and Homeland Security Services to quickly sample the air from normally inaccessible depths of a sealed Shipping Container without the need to open it.

Once a container fitted with Containersinka falls overboard – the Device is activated. The container begins to flood within one minute. If a container can sink, it will do so swiftly and efficiently without the integrity of it’s structure being affected. An empty 20 TEU container, fitted with only one device, will sink in calm seas in only a few hours. Containers full of dense material with 4 devices fitted, as recommended, will sink far quicker than this.

Containersinka significantly reduces consequential risk arising from overboard events. Containers that sink swiftly and intact not only prevent ongoing surface hazard and potential dispersal of contents into the marine environment but can significantly reduce the cost and area for subsequent search, mapping and recovery (or other contingency measures).

Containersinka may also be utilised as a Smart Trigger for GPS Trackers and Markers.


Once a Container is Lost At Sea it can remain a hazard for weeks or months. Containersinka is the only viable solution available to minimise secondary incidents involving loss of life, property and damage to the wider environment.

Fewer collisions means fewer claims and lower insurance and reinsurance premiums. Incredibly low cost, simple and maintenance free, it is truly fit-and-forget.

With Governments already unilaterally requiring shippers to find lost containers in their waters and the Wreck Removal Convention coming into effect in April 2015 – knowing a container has sunk swiftly and efficiently from the point of loss can dramatically reduce the subsequent search area and related costs.

Containersinka prevents random destruction of the container through collision or wave action. Containersinka protects the environment from dispersal of cargo and allows for intact recovery if necessary.

Containersinka enables easy routine or covert air sampling of the air deep within a container by Port and Homeland Security Agencies. This can aid in the detection of dangerous, illegal, undeclared cargoes and threats to National Security

With Port Authorities and Security Agencies able to quickly assess the risks of cargoes, processing times can be cut whilst improving security and accuracy.

Triggering only when a container is actually in the sea, the Containersinka can be used as a smart switch to activate markers, locators and trackers.

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