Phuket: Containers Swept Overboard

Sinaran Andaman Sinks: Containers Swept Overboard

Sinaran-Andaman-4 It was reported yesterday that heavy sea off Phuket forced the Sinaran Andaman onto rocks. With containers swept overboard in the incident, the vessel ultimately sank.

The 10 strong crew were rescued by a Royal Thai Navy helicopter and the Marine Police, all were said to be in good health.

The picture attached (from shows some containers dashed on the rocks whilst others float nearby.


Seanews reports – “heavy waves washed over the deck of the capsized ship.” The Ship’s Captain stated that “Containers swept overboard, were crashing onto the rocks nearby“.

How many containers remain adrift in the area is currently unclear.

With the best stowage practices and loading procedures in place, accidents will still happen – this incident, thankfully without loss of life, proves that containers can be lost anywhere; at any time; without fault on anyone’s part. However, does it truly follow that any loss of a life caused by a floating container from such an incident is also faultless, if every effort was not been made (during manufacture) to sink it if ever swept out to sea?

The Sinaran Andaman was en route from Tub Lamu with a cargo mainly of squid and fish bound from Myanmar to Penang when it ran into difficulties. It reported engine failure and being unable to anchor in heavy seas was driven onto rocks off Koh Hey island.

Sinaran AndamanKoh Hey being just off the very popular holiday destination of Phuket is in an area frequently crossed by local high speed ferries and other small craft, not to mention ships like the Sinaran Andaman. Such small craft are highly vulnerable if struck by a floating hazard, such as a shipping container.

Containers adrift at sea are often reported as floating so low in the water as to be practically invisible even on the clearest of days.

It is the Monsoon season in this area at present and while the smaller traffic in the area is somewhat reduced, so also is the ability of Crew to spot a hazard such as a floating container.


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