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Reinsurance Costs Set To Rise

Wreck removal treaty starts to bite – insurance claims to escalate a further $100M THE Costa Concordia wreck removal costs have increased by $100m and claims are now being made on the second layer of the International Group reinsurance programme.This is a fairly solid indication that reinsurance rates will rise at renewal and the likely […]

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MSC Flaminia

Floating Time Bomb

BURNING GERMAN CONTAINER SHIP OFF CORNISH COAST This ship was disabled and burning just 30 miles off the coast of Cornwall through much of the Summer of 2012. It was a mixture of chemical, toxic and miscellaneous dangerous substances – in effect, a floating bomb. Verifying content through air samples is not currently possible without […]

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Floating Container – from Japan to Canada

Shipping container with Harley Davidson, golf clubs and camping equipment inside found washed up on British Columbia shore from Japanese Tsunami more than a year later. Read more:

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Truong Hai Star

Truong Hai Star – Drifting containers a hazard

After colliding with a Thai-flagged ship off Vung Tau city on Sunday night, a container tanker with 16 crewmembers and 66 containers on board sank early yesterday morning. The incident caused no casualties, but there was a great loss in assets. The collision occurred off Bai Truoc beach in Vung Tau city at 11:30 pm […]

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container floating in the ocean

New container collision incident off South Africa

New container collision incident off South Africa Don’t believe that containers are no longer a threat to cruising sailors. Only two weeks ago solo French racing sailor Mathieu Claveau’s small yacht hit a ‘hard object’ in the middle of the Atlantic and sank. Now five South African sailors are lucky to be alive after their […]

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MV Rena – New Zealand Coastal Disaster

MV Rena NZ Coastal Disaster: Grounded and eventually sunk off the North Island New Zealand. 88 Containers fell into the sea, many floating to shore or into shipping lanes putting wildlife and other vessels at risk. In the aftermath of the disaster it is becoming clear that mis-declaration of cargo was rife, and maintaining the integrity […]

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royal assent

The Wreck Removal Convention Act- Royal Assent

Amongst other elements the Act features: Measures to facilitate the removal of wrecks, including rights and obligations to remove hazardous ships and wrecks – which sets out when the shipowner is responsible for removing the wreck and when a State may intervene and Liability of the owner for the costs of locating, marking and removing ships and wrecks […]

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Floating containers – a hazard to boating

There are (FLIR) Thermal Imaging) Cameras available to help spot a hazard to boating, on watch at night. Excellent Technology, but wouldn’t it be better if the overall problem were reduced to a minimum too? The risk of containers lost at sea to small boats is disproportionately higher the smaller the boat.

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