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NYK aquarius(12.06.2007)(2)

Containers fell into water, NYK Aquarius

 Containers fell into the water whilst offloading: This from : 3 containers fell into water into the water from NYK Aquarius while offloading cargo at SSA Facility Berth 57 in the Oakland estuary, causing the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and local fire department personnel to enforce a safety zone in the area. At approximately […]

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Containers cascade into Shanghai waters

This film shows the moment when 30 containers cascade from an as yet undisclosed container vessel at the port of Shanghai. The video, presumably from Port Surveillance cameras, shows the vessel tipping dramatically to port with containers plummeting into the water – pushing the ship away from the dockside. The incident appears to have occurred […]

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Seroja Lima

Navigation Warning – off Port Elizabeth SA

A navigation warning is being transmitted to shipping in Algoa Bay off Port Elizabeth, South Africa after 23 containers we “blown overboard” from the Panamanian Registered SEROJA LIMA container vessel. The 40ft containers were blown overboard on Saturday 15th November in gale force winds A couple of the containers (believed to be carrying machinery) were later […]

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35 Containers lost off West Coast USA

Containers lost from a CSCL ship en-ruote to the US. Various Claims websites mention reports that “CSCL Yellow Sea” lost 35 containers off the west coast of the United States on 16th or 17th of October 2014. Another 100 containers were damaged onboard. The vessel subsequently docked at the Port of Los Angeles and now at back sea. There are […]

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Waves wash container off dock in Oregon

This brief video by Melba Batch on You Tube shows storm surge waves wash container off dock in Port Orford Oregon. The container then clearly floats off in the surf. There is no information as to whether it was subsequently washed ashore or washed out to sea. Containers being washed off docks are of course […]

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Grande Francia

10 Containers washed overboard

10 Containers were washed overboard the Grande Francia following an incident involving 60 packets of wood being washed from another vessel in a North Sea Storm on 22nd October. Both incidents occurred off the Dutch Coast. Despite a search of the area by an ocean going tug – the Nordic – no containers have yet been […]

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Svendborg Maersk - Felixstowe Dockers 3

Maersk Find Containers Lost Off France

France has praised Maersk for it’s recent “exemplary” response to their call to find and map the containers lost overboard from Svendborg Maersk in February this year.   Maersk lost 517 containers in exceptionally high sea experienced during the “St Jude” storm.   85% of the boxes were reported as empty, one of the full […]

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Containership collision - Suez Canal

Collision of containerships in Suez Canal

Video Captures Epic Collision Between Laden Container ships in the Suez gCaptain Reports:  Something went terribly wrong today aboard Hapag-Lloyd’s containership Colombo Expresswhen it lost control and slammed into the Maersk Tanjong today. Both vessels were heading south through the Suez Canal. From the following AIS replay of the incident, it appears the Colombo Express was attempting to […]

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The fate of a sunken container

  Sunken containers are only half the story, if they were the whole story the seas would be safer and cleaner and the shippers would be better off! A sunken container can be an expensive thing for shippers (and others) for many reasons. It is believed around 50% of containers lost overboard sink immediately – which […]

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Is Search and Recovery becoming more the norm?

Search and Recovery the new norm? Following the French Government’s requirement for Maersk to search for and possibly recover the remaining 500+ containers lost from Svendborg Maersk on Valentines Day – along with changing attitudes to the problem in the Europe and the US; knowing even roughly how long a floating container was afloat could […]

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