A Revolution in Marine Safety

Ship Dropping Container GraphicA revolution in Marine Safety, Containersinka is a valve designed to sink shipping containers that have been lost overboard and become floating hazards at sea.

Containersinka allows water to pass through it only when the container has fallen overboard. It is totally passive, requiring no electrical power or manual intervention to activate it, there are no moving parts to maintain or corrode and it automatically resets if accidentally deployed.

Containersinka enables security agencies and port authorities to extract air samples from within the container for chemical analysis without the need to open the doors.

When a vessel hits a floating container (potentially causing catastrophic damage to the vessel) or a floating container is dashed on coastal rocks Рthe contents of the container can be widely and randomly dispersed in to the Marine Environment. A sunken container poses no risk to oncoming shipping whilst containing any Environmental Pollutants, for potential recovery (e.g. from coastal waters) if necessary.

The swift and efficient sinking of floating containers can dramatically reduce the search area that may later be required to find, map and even recover them. Search and mapping/recovery are becoming more the norm internationally and can be extremely expensive,  the use of Containersinka can contribute to a sizeable reduction in these costs.

Use of Containersinka is a cost effective, simple and efficient method of reducing hazard, risk and liability at sea whilst minimising security processing time at ports. It is a fit-and-forget device and once fitted will last the lifetime of the container.

Illustration of deploymentContainer Sinka

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